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Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020 – Best Offers, Coupons, tricks & more…

As the festive season approaches, so does the most prominent online sales in the market. It is that time of the year when we can buy things that we are planning for a long, at the best possible price. All the websites try to put on the best discounts they can, promoting a cut-throat competition between all the online players. But, ultimately, it is going to be most beneficial for the customer, i.e., you. It is the time when you can not only buy TV, fridges, A/C, washing machines, etc. but small appliances & even groceries at lower prices. 

You need to plan your shopping, manage your funds wisely & avoid being carried away. Also, keep checking this article for the best ‘useful’ offers available.

Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020

This time, In Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020, Flipkart provides sale discounts of up to 80%. Some of these discounts are great offers, but some of them may be just hoaxing to mislead you. That’s why we previously asked you to plan in advance and keep an eye on the change of price before and after the sale starts.

This comparison is the only thing that can provide you with the actual discount that you are getting on a particular product.

Dates for Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020

After the Big billion days Sale, Flipkart has already announced the dates for Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020. For +Plus members, it is going to start at 12 AM on 29th October and will go on till 4th November 2020.

For the rest of the customers, it will start on 30th October.


Discounts officially declared by Flipkart for ‘Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020’

Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020
  1. In electronics & accessories products discount goes up to 80%.
  2. In TV & appliances products discount goes up to 80%.
  3. In clothing products discount goes up to 50- 80%.
  4. In Furniture products, the discount goes up to 75%.
  5. Flipkart Plus members will get Special bonus discounts by using super coins during Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020.

Tip: It is in the starting 5-10 minutes of the sale when you can find the lowest price and best deals. So, we recommend you wish-list the items you want to buy a day before the sale starts. It will help you to check-out faster within 5-10 minutes when the sale begins. Except that, you always have the option to cancel it later, if you get some other better deal before delivery.

The best offers during Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020 will be available on the first day till 2 AM.

Latest Bank offer in Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020 (Extra 10% Discount)

  1. AXIS BANK Debit & Credit card offer

This year, Flipkart provides a 10% discount on AXIS bank credit card & debit card in the Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020. Generally, this discount is available on orders valued between Rs.3000- 5000.

But this year terms & conditions are not yet reviled. You can keep checking this space for all future updates.

  • No cost EMI offer on all leading Banks

Flipkart is also providing No cost EMI offer on cards of SBI, ICICI, HDFC & AXIS bank. Thus, a lot more bank options are added during this sale.

Flipkart discount Coupon during Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020

(Buy more, save more)

Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020 buy more
  • Buying three or more products in one go will enable you to get extra added discounts as follows:
  1. Buy 3 items in one go – 5% additional discount on a total cart value.
  2. Buy 4 items in one go – 10% additional discount on a total cart value.
  3. Buy 5 or more items in one go – 15% additional discount on a total cart value.
  • There is a current ongoing offer on Flipkart where you can get an extra of Rs. 100 discount on buying three or more products altogether worth more than Rs. 2000 in total. There is no coupon code required to avail of this offer. But, We will also have to see whether this offer can be clubbed with other Big Diwali sale offers or not.

Finance options

There are various finance options available for everyone in Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020 this year. Anyone how is tight on their budget & looking for payment alternatives to pay later can opt for finance options. Flipkart is providing various finance options at very cheap rates. In some, you don’t even have to pay any extra charges or interest.

Here are the options:

  1. No Cost EMI
  2. Debit card EMI
  3. Pay Later

What is Flipkart No Cost EMI?

no cost emi flipkart

During Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020, Flipkart offers No cost EMI on some of the leading credit cards. It is helpful to all those looking forward to buying something costly but don’t want to pay up instantly. Appliances like a refrigerator, air conditioner, laptops, and mobiles require a large amount. Sometimes, people don’t want to pay immediately. One can buy such products in installments through the ‘Flipkart no-cost EMI’ option, that too, without any extra processing fee or interest.

no cost emi flipkart

Here is the condition to avail of this offer

  1. It is generally available only on credit cards of leading banks.
  2. You can split the payable amount into six months of installments without any extra charge of interest.
  3. Thirty-six months is the maximum duration of EMI, but then interest is charged extra.

Steps to avail of this offer –

  1. Go to the product you need to buy, then click on the ‘buy now/ add to cart’ then continue.
  2. Then select ’EMI’ as the payment option.
  3. Now select the bank name (check for eligibility).
  4. Enter the number of months & complete your purchase.
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No Cost EMI

In No cost EMI, the bank interest on your order is provided as an upfront discount & got subtracted from the total amount payable. 

What is Flipkart Debit Card EMI?

Flipkart Debit Card EMI

During Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020, Flipkart is also offering EMI on debit cards. All those who do not have a credit card but still want to buy something on installment can benefit from this scheme.

Here is the condition to avail of this offer

  1. Flipkart Debit Card EMI is only available on order values more than Rs.5000.
  2. Debit cards eligible for EMI– Axis Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDFC First Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank.
Flipkart Debit Card EMI

Steps for availing of this offer –

  1. Go to the product you need to buy, then click on the ‘buy now/ add to cart’ then continue.
  2. Then select ’EMI’ as the payment option.
  3. Now select the bank name (check for eligibility).
  4. Enter the number of months & complete your purchase.

Flipkart Pay later offer- Buy now & pay whenever you wish

Flipkart pay later is introduced by Flipkart to ease the user experience in their order’s final steps. Flipkart offers you a total amount of 5000 as a credit, which you can use to buy products from them. This 5000 is spendable on any product & you don’t have to pay any interest to them till 35 days of using them.

Here is the process of how to avail of Flipkart Pay later –

  1. Go to your Flipkart app & go to the options menu.
  2. Now go to Flipkart pay later
  3. Now give your Aadhaar Number & PAN Number
  4. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile.

After completing the above steps, whenever you open a product, you will see an option of payment via Flipkart pay later.

Flipkart Grocery

All the Daily use products, food items, and Toiletries are categorized under the “sports, books & more” tab of the homepage.

During the sale, some great discounts come into this category. So, it’s the best time to stock-up up on the essentials for your home.

Even if you don’t get a considerable discount, you will buy everything at a lower price compared to the local market. Clubbed with ‘buy more, save more offer,’ the offers you will get is fantastic.

Offers on Flight booking in Flipkart

If you plan to travel in the near future, it’s the right time to buy tickets. Flipkart is currently offering a Flat 25% discount on flight bookings during Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020.


Suppose you are not sure about travel dates right now. In that case, you can easily opt for a “flexible fare” or similar option on the airline’s website during the booking. It gives you the liberty of changing your travel dates as many times as you want without paying any cancellation charge. All that you need is to pay a nominal convenience fee initially. You will still get peace of mind about any change of travel dates in the future due to any unforeseen situation.

Offers for Flipkart plus member

flipkart plus membership

 Flipkart Plus membership is an incentive-based program by Flipkart. All Flipkart plus Members are entitled to unique benefits like:

  1. Early assess to sale
  2. Instant delivery options (Depends on your Pincode)
  3. No delivery cost, even on orders less than 500.
  4. Earn super coins and use them to get an extra discount equivalent to coin value.

New Exchange offers during Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020

Although, exchange offer runs the whole year on Flipkart. But during the Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020, as per Flipkart, they provide three times the exchange value on the products. Except that, this time, Flipkart is willing to exchange even those products that aren’t listed on their product page by choosing ‘Rest of the brands” in the ‘select brand’ section.

So, if you have some old things lying around, which you don’t wish to use anymore, you can exchange them for some fair amount of money. You will get this money deducted from the Bill for the new product.

Choose the best of sellers on the website

flipkart assured

Whenever you buy any product on any online e-commerce platform, there is a high probability that several sellers sell the same product. In this section, you need to choose the right seller based on your needs carefully. Here are a few things to look for:

  1. If an official seller like ‘RetailNet’ or ‘SupercomNet’ is available, choose them. These are official selling partners of Flipkart and are supposed to provide the best quality products with the least fraud chances.
  2. Check for the ‘F-assured’ tag.  Being Flipkart assured means you would get a better after-sales service, including more flexible returns and exchange policy with no questions asked.
  3. Avoid buying from the sellers with lower customer ratings and bad reviews. Because they may ask for an extra delivery charge, and the product Quality will also remain doubtful. 

Timing of Best Deals on Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2020

The Best Deals on Flipkart during the Flipkart Big Diwali sale 2020 starts at :

  1. 12 AM
  2. 8 AM
  3. 4 PM

So, you can check the app or website during these hours to find any deal on the products you wish to buy. However, it would be best if you were quick in checking out, the prices might increase only after minutes, or the stocks can also run out soon.

Tricks to buy cheaper

Nine steps to buying any product at the best price:

Tip 1

Avail of bank discount by adding products equivalent to the required cart value.

Tip 2

Only buy if you think that the product is at the lowest price that you have ever noticed during the whole year.

Tip 3

Try to buy only from a ‘Flipkart Assured’ seller

Tip 4

If you have any eligible credit or debit card, opt for ‘No cost EMI’ without any hesitation. At the end of the payment period, it is undoubtedly going to save you some money.

Tip 5

If possible, try to buy within the first 5-10 minutes of the sale’s start to get the best prices.

Tip 6

Prepaid orders seem to get delivered faster and with more priority. So try to pay online to stay safe, faster delivery & avoid any other hassles.

Tip 7

Buy all the items in one go. Placing everything in a single order means getting the most discounts and buying at the lowest price.

Tip 8

You need to calculate the total discount by using different debit & credit cards and opt for the card, which gives the maximum discount on your cart value.

Tip 9

Finally, while getting the delivery of costly items, always make a video to ensure you get the correct item and avoid fraud. A piece of video evidence is the only thing that websites will consider in case of any dispute or fraud.

If you want some more tips, you can ask in the comments below with the product name & website. We will be more than happy to provide the best possible available offer for you.

Happy Shopping & Happy Festivals

Flipkart upcoming sale 2020: Tentative Dates

Sale Names 

Expected Date

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale

16th October to 21st October 2020

Flipkart Dussehra special Sale

22nd October 2020 to 28th October 2020

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale

3rd November 2020

Flipkart Big Shopping Days

1st to 5th December 2020

Flipkart BOSS Sale

11th to 15th December 2020

Flipkart TV Days

15-18th December 2020

Year-End Sale

21 - 23rd Dec 2020

Jingle Days

25 - 29th Dec 2020

Flipkart Days

1st - 3rd Jan 2021

Flipkart TV Days

7th - 10th Jan 2021

The Grand Gadget Days

8th to 10th January 2021

Flipkart Republic Day Sale

19th to 22nd January 2021

Grand Gadget Days

23rd -26th Jan 2021

Flipkart MI Day Sale

28th to 30th January 2021

Flipkart Days

1st - 3rd Feb 2021

Apple Days

5th-8th February 2021

Flipkart Fashion Days

8th - 11th February

Valentine's Day Sale

14th February 2021

Grand Home Appliance Sale

15th-18th February 2021

Laptop Bonanza

17th - 19th February 2021

Mobile Bonanza Sale

17th - 21st February 2021

Big Steel of the Week

26th-29th February

Flipkart Days

1st-3rd March 2021

Flipkart Cooling Days

6th-8th March 2021

Women's Day Sale

7th-8th March 2021

Furniture Sale

3rd March - 10th March 2021

Flipkart TV Days

9th March - 12th March 2021

Dishwasher Days

13th March - 16th March 2021

BIG Shopping Days

19th - 22nd March 2021

Great Deals On Mobiles

23rd - 26th March 2021

Flipkart Holi Sale

20th March 2021

Flipkart Days

1-3April 2021

Flipkart Summer Sale

Mid-April 2021

Flipkart Big Shopping Days

13th to 16th May 2021

Super Cooling Days

5th - 9th June 2021

Laptop Bonanza

10 - 13th June 2021

Flipkart TV Days

8th - 11th June 2021

Super Coins Day

5th - 7th June 2021

Flipkart Days

1st to 3rd June 2021

Grand Home Appliances Sale

13-17th June 2021

Big Savings Days

23rd-27th June 2021

Grand Kitchen Sale

1st-6th July 2021

Best Of Season Sale

8th-12th July 2020

Grand Furniture Sale

21st -23rd July 2021

Laptop Bonanza Sale

21st- 24th July 2021

Monsoon Appliances Dhamaka

24-29th July 2021

Big Savings Day

6th-10th August 2021

Flipkart Freedom Sale

10th to 12th August 2021

Grand Kitchen Sale

18th-20th August 2021

Intel Days

24th-27th August 2021

Grand Home Appliances Sale

24th-28th August 2021

Big Savings Day

18th-20th September 2021

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