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About us

With the ever increasing demand of domestic electronics, companies flooded the market with an uncountable number of products which are often very similar but can be very different at the same time.

For, what is best for you and which is worst ???

Don’t you worry …
As we are here for you,Re-defining consumer electronics and the way you look at them once and forever.Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of how to choose the right product of home appliance for yourself. Explaining all the technical aspects of the machinery in such a simple and lucid way that even a person with a non-technical background will able to understand everything quickly and clearly.

But be informed…
We are not like all those technical websites floating on the web who will put on reviews and tell you what to buy and what not to, based upon their own market interests.

Being said that,this website will also keep you posted about the latest advancements as well as the recent inventions in the field of consumer electronics & science.

Also, we do have a collective approach towards energy conservation with the help of consumer itself. We do adhere our social responsibility towards mother nature and will always keep on finding new solutions of energy and money saving at the consumer’s end to create a better society for us to live in.

So,What we do here, is to furnish you with all the information and make you understand everything better, from our side.
But at the same time, we strongly believe in you that…
 “ you are going to make A smarter choice “