Paytm removed from the play store is back now

Today, On 18.09.2020, earlier, the Paytm suddenly disappeared from the google play store. Google has removed Paytm from google play store due to some violation of the google policy. Google removed Paytm due to its policy of restricted content of Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests.

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology company, based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Paytm is India’s leading digital payments app, claiming over 50 million monthly active users. It is one of the significant payment apps after google pay in India.

But, as of 8 pm, now Paytm is again back in the play store. It looks like a warning from google to those developers who promote Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests in their apps. At current, this step from google is taken to show their strict polices before the popular cricket tournament, Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to start.

For example, Fantasy sports app like Dream11, the title sponsor for the IPL tournament this year, has not been allowed on the android maker’s Play Store because it involves actual money.

Reasons why Paytm was removed from play store

google removed paytm

Suzanne Frey (Vice President, Product, Android Security & Privacy) posted a blog on Understanding our Play gambling policies in India. Suzanne Frey said, we don’t allow online casinos or support any unregulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting. Even if an app leads consumers to an external website that will enable them to participate in paid tournaments to win real money or cash prizes. It violates our policies. 

According to Google, Paytm’s umbrella app promotes fantasy sports, which has repeatedly violated Google’s Play Store policies. Commenting on the matter, Akash Karmakar of Panag and Babu Law Offices, who represent various tech and app companies, said, “While PayTM did not directly engage in, or promote sports betting & gambling, it did have links to third-party sites which did. Google may have viewed the ease of using PayTM on these third-party apps as the element which marks PayTM as a supporter of these sites.

Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy– by google.

Paytm official stand on the matter:


Paytm said – We continue to work with Google to restore our Android app. We assure all our users that their balances & linked accounts are 100% safe. Our services are fully functional on all existing apps, and you can continue enjoying Paytm like before.

Paytm official blog on being removed from the play store.

On twitter paytm,

On social media platforms, A rumor spread that the Indian government banned Paytm in a fashion similar to that of “Banning 224 Chinese apps in India”. But that fact is that the google moderators removed it to comply with their policies. The government of India has nothing to do with it.

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