Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear Truly Wireless Earphones review

Redmi is one of the fastest grown electronics brands inside India. It is most popular because of its budget-oriented products aimed at the lower-middle-class population.

Redmi recently launched Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear earphones in India, which is made available through Amazon. This earphone has a Bluetooth v5.0 technology. Except this, these are true wireless type earphones, which means there is no wire. You will get two earbuds that are entirely independent and are connected through Bluetooth wireless technology.

Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear Truly Wireless Earphones

Specification of Redmi Earbuds 2C

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Detailed Review of Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear Truly Wireless Earphones

Sound quality

Redmi Earbuds 2C sound quality is average. For casual usages, you will not feel much difference. But when listening to rock music, you will miss that depth in bass. It’s not that the bass quality is terrible; it is punchy but does lack deepness.

Additionally, it also supports single earbud use. It enables the earbuds to be used individually without any weird drop in sound quality. Except for this, you can actively use one earbud while the other is charging.


The comfort of earbuds 2C is good. It is very lightweight & does weigh only 35 gm. When you wear it, it fits perfectly in your ear. It holds its place while, say, you are running or working out or in cases when your head is moving too much. It will never feel like it is falling out. It comes with three types of buds small, medium, large to use it according to your ear size. The only concern is the physical button on the earbuds. Like any button, the earbuds also get a little push in your ears when you push the buttons on it. But at this price range, you can’t accept more.

Built quality

The Overall build quality is good in Redmi earbuds 2C. It has a lightweight plastic body. It comes with IPx4, which means it can handle drops of water & you can use it with your wet hands.IPX4 can also take sweat, which means you can use it for running & workout sessions. The case uses a light-powered magnet that holds the earbuds in its place.

Battery life

The battery life is similar to the other earbuds of this price range. It comes equipped with a 300 mAh battery, which gives a total playback time of around 12 hours with the case. The earbuds itself provides a playback time of 3h 30min when you continuously use it with about 80 per cent volume.


It comes equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0. It is the best Bluetooth version that an earbud can come with currently. It gives you a substantial connectivity range of 18 to 20 meters. For places with obstacles like walls, etc., it provides a range of around 10 meters. It is considered good enough for any earbud.

Sound delay

Sound delay is genrally observed during online multiplayer gaming. it is a common problem found in bluetooth earbuds.

So, here also you will found a bit of ping in sound relay. But, its not much of a issue if you generally use it for voice calling or movies & music because here you won’t feel any lag.

Microphone quality

It supports environment noise cancellation(ENC), which means you can easily use it in outdoor conditions. This feature can cancel out the disturbing sound of wind and other noises and helps you to get a clear voice while talking to somebody over a call.

Conclusion :

Suppose you are on a tight budget and looking for ease of use true wireless earphone under Rs.2000. In that case,n Redmi Earbuds 2C is a serious option to consider. Moreover, if you are going to use it mainly for voice or even binge-watching videos for long hours, it will surely turn out great.

In the end, during this Festive season, Redmi Earbuds 2C is being offered at an attractive price of Rs.1299. To get this steal of a deal, you can buy it from here.

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