Diwali light decoration ideas for home: List of 5 Fancy lights for home decoration made in INDIA

With Diwali just a week ahead, Indians worldwide are in the last stages of preparation for the festival of Lights by applying new & creative Diwali light decoration ideas for home . Lately, Indian distributors and marketers used to import the maximum amount of decorative lights and other home décor items from Chinese manufacturers. But, For the past few years, there is a constant voice raising to boycott Chinese products, primarily ‘made in china’ decorative things like rice rights and LEDs. Today in this article, we have shortlisted five items, preferably of Indian, to give you some brilliant Diwali light decoration ideas for home.

Diwali light decoration ideas for home

These products are far superior to their Chinese counterparts both in terms of Quality and Durability. So, this Diwali, buy something that supports our own country’s businesses rather than buying cheaper goods from the enemy. Decide to purchase quality products only, even if you have to compromise a little bit in terms of quantity.

So, here are our top 5 picks of fancy lights for Diwali light decoration ideas for home.

Without further ado, let’s begin

Diwali home decoration item No. 1

The 1st Diwali light decoration idea for the home is the use of most old & versatile rice lights, but with an Indian twist.

USB powered Rice Lights made in India

  1. MANSAA USB string light:

Wholly designed and manufactured in India, this LED string light has something more relevant to offer. Unlike others, the MANSAA string light uses copper wire instead of aluminum. It is entirely shockproof, Rust free, and weatherproof. The light string uses the USB as a power source. It can easily be connected to an adapter, power bank, and even laptop & mobile phones.

This product is one of a kind to provide a pan-India warranty of 1.5 years on the Light and claims a life cycle of 5 years.

[wptb id=1875]

XERGY is also an Indian Brand which manufactures LED strip lights. XERGY fairy lights are made of three-layered copper wires and are highly durable. According to the company, it is also waterproof and can be easily used outdoors.

This fairy light is powered by USB, but the company does not provide any product warranty.

[wptb id=1879]

Diwali home decoration item No. 2

As the  2nd Diwali light decoration ideas for home, we can use Curtain lights & floral LED lights.

Curtain lights

As the name suggests, curtain lights are strings of LED attached to a single connection wire resembling a curtain. These kinds of lights are ideal for open spaces like porch, Balcony & pergola. It can also be used in bedrooms for decorating four-pastor beds.

For you, we have shortlisted a few of the best curtain lights available online. Please follow the link to get them at the best price.

[wptb id=1872]

[wptb id=1876]

Floral Lights

Floral lights are just a modified form of regular rice LED lights. In these lights, the LED is covered by a beautifully molded translucent flower. So, when the Light turns on, it mimics a bright flower, which looks very beautiful & eye-pleasing.

[wptb id=1871]

[wptb id=1878]

Diwali home decoration item No. 3

The  3rd  Diwali light decoration idea for the home is to use some beautiful tealight holders.

Tealight Holders

Tealight holders are generally made of glass and contain lovely patterns over them. These artworks only get visible after we light a candle or Diya inside it.

These are small decorative items and are readily available at a low price. You can place these in puja Ghar, on the center table, side tables, dining areas, in front of the aquarium, or in between your rangoli.

We have enlisted Few of the most good looking tealight holders available online.

[wptb id=1874]

[wptb id=1877]

Diwali home decoration item No. 4

Once done with the interior, we have the 4th Diwali light decoration ideas for home outdoor using a multi-colored LED floodlight.

Remote-controlled Outdoor Multicolour LED lights

These lights contain a cluster of LEDs installed on an aluminum reflector plate. These waterproof LEDs and can be easily used in house elevation. The Remote-controlled Outdoor Multicolour LED lights are ideal for decorating your garden, trees, or feature walls.

Few options available online can be enlisted as,

[wptb id=1884]

[wptb id=1880]

Diwali home decoration item No. 5

For the 5th Diwali light decoration ideas for home, you can use a LED photo String Light in your bedroom or living room to showcase the best of family memories.

LED photo String Light

It is just like the string hanging photo collage that you use to make as DIY. But instead of wooden clips, translucent fiber and acrylic clips are used with  LED bulbs fitted inside them.

This arrangement is perfect for hanging photos, holiday cards, children’s artwork, or any other lightweight decorative item as per your desire.

We have chosen the best option from amazon among various others. You can buy it through the Amazon link given next.

[wptb id=1870]

[wptb id=1873]

We have done our best to give you some of the best Diwali home decoration items available online on amazon. However, to generate more great Diwali light decoration ideas for home, you need to get a bit more creative. It would be best if you planned your Diwali decoration by carefully analyzing your home interior, exterior, and last but not least, your budget.

I hope that we have helped you to get some good Diwali light decoration ideas for home.

In the end, we from DomesticCyborg wish you and your loved ones

A very Happy & Prosperous Diwali !!

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