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The concept of cloud-based services is nothing new to talk about. But, With the increase in the number of cloud-based service providers, we can now see the integration of some new & exciting features in it. The most recent of these is the launch of Reliance jio cloud services. Reliance is a well known Indian brand in the field of telecom. It is expanding exponentially in the past few years by launching new ventures and features in its jio platforms.

Today, we are going to discuss everything that Jio cloud has to offer to its users. We will also explain how you can get the maximum Jio cloud storage of up to 100GB for Free. 

So, let’s unfold every information you want to ask about the Jio cloud without wasting any more time.

jio cloud

Is jio cloud free

Right now, the jiocloud is absolutely free to use. When you log in to the jiocloud, you will initially get 5 GB of free storage to store files, images, contacts, etc. But, there is a catch here, if you have a jiocloud referral code from your friend, then you will get an additional 10 GB of storage. Moreover, you can get up to 50 GB of storage by using the referral code to invite your friends & family. It means, for each friend who joins Jio Cloud through your jio referral code, you will get 10 GB of extra storage.

How to avail Jio cloud referral code?

jio cloud referral
  1. Log in to the latest JioCloud’s Android or iOS app.
  2. Go to the ‘Refer & Earn’ section (on the mobile app) and share your unique ‘referral code’ with your friends using any social channel of your choice.
  3.  Your friends would need to log in using your referral code (the option to enter referral code comes after login).
  4. You get 10 GB bonus space on each successful referral.

cyborg wisdomCyborg Tip:
You can also use different phone numbers that you might have or that of your family members for a referral. Ultimately everyone wins by getting the extra storage.

Jio Cloud storage limit

Although there is not a paid option to directly increase the storage. Jio cloud storage limit can go up to 100 GB just by referring and completing events in the jio cloud platform.

Jio users will get 5 GB of Jio Cloud storage initially. In comparison, a non- jio user will get only 2 GB of Jio Cloud storage.

Eligibility criteria to JioCloud for Jio & Non-Jio users

If you already have an active Jio account, you are eligible to subscribe to JioCloud very quickly.

Any non- jio user can also easily create it by logging in to the jiocloud through Google or Facebook.

The difference lies only in the amount of storage space received initially.

Features of Jio Cloud

Jiocloud is a very feature-rich cloud storage platform that definitely increases the ease of use. Moreover, It is compatible with all kinds of devices, making it easier to access your file anytime, anywhere.

Let’s have a look over some of the best features of the jio cloud platform.

features of jio cloud

Files grouping

There is an auto grouping feature for the files according to their type. This feature of the Jiocloud helps you access similar file types (images, audio, videos, and docs) in a single place, making it quickly accessible. Jio cloud also arranges the files in a timeline to revisit the memories, primarily through the photos.


Jiocloud supports all your device’s contact backup in a single address book inside the jio Cloud storage. It’s easily assessable, and if you ever lose your contacts from the local device, you can quickly restore it. It also detects all the duplicate contacts in the address book, so during backup/restoring, contacts don’t get double.

Jio Cloud Backup

Jiocloud has an auto-backup feature for smartphone devices. All the existing files in the device are automatically backed up in the online storage of the jiocloud by default. All you have to do is just select the file type you want to auto backup. It gives you relief from losing the critical files in case of accidental loss of the device or damage.


The content in the jio cloud storage is easily shareable through a link. You can share a file of any size with anyone using a public link.
There is also a unique feature of creating a board. This is a lifesaver when you need to share the same files with a large group of people. A situation like parties & functions where you need to share images/photos with your friends and family. With the jiocloud board feature, you can share pictures just by uploading them on the board.

Share with jio cloud

Inbuilt Music Player

Jiocloud comes with an in-built music player that can play audio from Jio  Cloud files directly. You don’t need any other music player to play it.

Document Scanner

Jiocloud comes with a document scanner that can scan a document by using the camera or photos. It works well for a one-page scan & their not an option for pdf conversion. So, it is helpful for one scan. Yes, it has the option for enhancing the image and free cropping, which might be helpful.


RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED has adopted reasonable security practices and procedures, in line with IS/ISO/IEC 27001. It includes strategic, operational, managerial, technical, and physical security controls to safeguard and protect your Personal Information.

Data is in Encrypted format, so no other person can access your data. The data stored can only be retrieved by authorized system services.

Jio cloud login methods & security methods

Jio cloud’s primary login method is the OTP method, where the OTP for login is sent to the phone number on which your Jio account is created. It is to be noted that JioID-Password and SIM-based login is not supported in JioCloud.

Jio cloud login for PC

Jjio cloud can also be accessed through your web browser in your computer & Tabs by scanning the QR code from your mobile where you are already logged in.

Jio cloud security features

For increased security control purposes, the jio cloud comes with a feature of seeing all the devices logged in or devices where your jio cloud is accessible currently. Moreover, you can also easily log out of these devices remotely. It is a handy feature when you forget to logout jiocloud account on a device & don’t have the physical access to log out manually.

Additionally, there is an in-built lock system that uses your mobile default pin/password/pattern/fingerprint to give access to the jio cloud app.

How to start using jio Cloud

If you already have a Jio account, you do not need to create a separate JioCloud cloud storage app profile. The login credentials you use to sign in to the MyJio app can be easily used to sign in to the Jio Cloud app.

Overall, JioCloud is better than other cloud storage right now. The feature-rich interface, ease of use, and good security features make it ideal for users. Moreover, you didn’t have to spend a single penny from your wallet for about 100GB of cloud storage. So, what else to ask for?

Download the JioCloud App here

Click here to download

Yes absolutely. All the features of jio cloud is completely free to use. The company is currently providing up to 100GB of cloud data storage without charging anything.

Jio cloud storage is an online data storage platform launched by Reliance jio infocomm. Similar to google drive, you can store all kinds of files into this online storage.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED has adopted reasonable security practices and procedures, in line with IS/ISO/IEC 27001. It includes strategic, operational, managerial, technical, and physical security controls to safeguard and protect your Personal Information.

Data is stored in Encrypted format, so no other person can access your data. The data stored can only be retrieved by authorized system services.

Jio cloud is one of the latest and most feature rich cloud storage that is now offered for free. But, except that there a lot of other platforms that you can also check out and use if you like. Namely,

  1. Google Drive
  2. Apple iCloud
  3. Microsoft OneDrive
  4. Dropbox
  5. Box
  6. pCloud
  7. Mega

Jio cloud, Google Drive & Apple iCloud are some of the best and most trustworthy options among the cloud storage platforms available today. Google drive is the oldest among them while Jio cloud comes with most integrated additional features. And as we all know, iCloud is dedicated only to Apple devices.

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