Realme smart TV SLED 4k review

Realme smart TV SLED 4k is the latest model TV launched a few days ago by REALME. This TV is an entirely brand-new technology that will re-define the viewing experience that you get in the Televisions available in the current market. The display panel of this TV is altogether different from the panels being used by manufacturers until today. And the price at which Realme got able to bring it into the market is commendable. After the launch of this Realme smart TV SLED 4k, the path is going to be very difficult for the competitor brands.

As far as the brand is concerned, Realme was a sub-brand of Oppo (which is itself a subsidiary of BBK Electronics) until its formation as a spinoff on May 4, 2018. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in India, as well as entire South Asia.

realme smart tv sled 4k smart tv

Today in this article of Realme smart TV SLED 4k review, we will uncover all the feature details of this Television with a complete breakdown of the consequent technologies. We will also give our verdict and share the link to Best buy at the lowest possible price.

Realme smart TV SLED 4K specification

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Main Features of Realme smart TV SLED 4k TV

Wide Color Gamut

realme smart tv sled 4k wide color gamut

Color Gamut is a technology used in TV to enhance the colors of frames. A wide color gamut makes red redder, green more greener & blue more bluer. It means that the color you will see on your TV will be more vivid, have more depth & will look much closer to reality.

In this TV, Realme claims have a 108 percent NTSC wide color gamut. It means your videos & pictures’ color quality will not drop due to your TV’s limitations in terms of hardware.

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Cyborg fact

NTSC, the color-gamut standard for analog Television, is a color gamut developed by the National Television Standards Committee of the United States.

Chroma boost picture engine

chroma boost

Chroma Boost picture engine enhances the “overall picture quality and improves the brightness, color, contrast, and clarity in visuals” in the Realme Smart TV SLED 4k. The technology enables Realme to offer up to 400 nits of peak brightness and seven different display modes (standard, vivid, sport, movie, game, energy-saving, and user-customizable) on the TV.

Every company has its own technology for this function, but what makes Realme different is providing this technology at a much lower price.


realme smart tv sled 4k low blue light certification

SLED is the main highlight in “Realme smart TV SLED 4K” TV. SLED is a smart alternative to expensive OLED TVs. Things that were exclusive to OLED are now available at lower prices in budget smart TVs.

Here is the benefit of SLED:

  1. The first benefit, as mentioned before, this TV has 108 percent NTSC. It has only been made possible due to the SLED panel. Comparatively, in regular LED TVs, it is around 70 percent.
  2. SLED panels have a remarkable breakthrough feature for stopping the excessive harmful blue light. It makes TV comfortable for watching for long hours.
  3. TUV Rheinland has provided low blue light certification to this TV.
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Cyborg wisdom

The General led panel uses blue light to produce a white backlight on which red & green color light is added further to the picture. But, the SLED Panel is based on the highly reputed RGB backlight technology. The White light is made using three primary colors, i.e., ‘RGB’-  or ‘red, green, and blue.’

This RGB base color reproduction makes the consternation of blue light in the picture lesser & ultimately making the viewing experience safer for your eyes.

Quad Stereo Speakers

realme smart tv sled 4k stereo speakers

“Realme smart TV SLED 4K” comes with 24 watts quad stereo speakers. It is a setup up of four speakers. Two speakers are facing down, one facing left & one facing right. Believe us, this speaker’s design is capable of producing a vibrant surround sound. And, 24 watts of power has the capability to create a deep bass & clear vocal audio.

Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio is the technology that is responsible for producing surround sound. Technically, an audio codec enables the creators to preserve or create audio that gives you a perception of sound coming from different directions. These two down-facing speakers & one each sideway help the TV produce a theatre-like sound surround sound.

Certified Android TV

android smart tv

Realme smart TV SLED 4K comes with the popular android smart TV operating system. Because of running on android, it supports all major OTT like Netflix, amazon prime, Zee5, etc. It also supports youtube and all other apps & games available on the play store. 

Also, Working on android enables it to support google voice assistance.

The advancement in technology brings an AloT concept, which controls all the home devices from a single interface. Realme smart TV SLED 4K is also capable of doing it.

Chromecast built-in

Yes, like any modern smart TV, Realme smart TV SLED 4K is also capable of Chromecast. Chromecast helps you to cast your pictures, videos from your small screen of your smartphone, laptop. It is beneficial when you want to show something to a group of people & you don’t have the time to transfer it to your TV. So, with the help of Chromecast, you can easily show it up on your TV.

Other Best features of Realme smart TV SLED 4K

  1. The SLED TV is powered by a Mediatek chipset, and has 1.5GB RAM and 16GB storage on-board.
  2. Realme Smart TV SLED 4K 55” comes with nine ports and supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

Final verdict after Realme smart TV SLED 4k review

The Realme smart TV SLED 4k is the best bargain for the people looking for an OLED TV but don’t want to spend the hefty price at which it comes. It is going to be the only option available halfway between LED & OLED currently.

So, We will now conclude the Realme smart TV SLED 4k review by saying that, Buying it or not entirely depends on your own preferences. But, if you want a 55 inch TV with a super display panel, the newly launched  Realme smart TV SLED 4k is pretty hard to beat.

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