Candes Geyser Review, Price & Top Models In India 2022

If you have ever searched for a budget geyser on Amazon India, you must have come across a brand name, “Candes”. Candes geysers have a very attractively lower price than their competition and thus have become an excellent choice among a lot of customers who are seeking the best value for their money. The rugged quality and long-lasting performance have made Candes a trustworthy brand in the lower budget segment. In this ‘Candes Geyser Review’, we will uncover all the details about this geyser brand and tell you about the Best Candes Geyser models to buy in 2022.

This article will discuss the Top models of and types of geysers sold by Candes, their prices, and best features. We will also try to help you understand which one is the best choice as per your preferences and requirements.

Candes Brand Review and Expert Ratings

Here is a brief Expert review of Candes Geyser based on our extensive use of the product and customer reviews given by existing users:

Features Review Expert Rating
Build QualityVery sturdy and rugged4.5/5
Heating elementPerforms well and lasts Long3.9/5
Tank materialGood if you choose wisely3.8/5
Power Consumption5-star rating in all Models4.5/5
Heating TimeQuick heating in Top-End Models4.0/5
Hard water ResistanceAvailable in Glanzo Glassline model4.0/5
High-rise compatibilityGood in top-end Models4.0/5
Maintenance and operationEasy maintenance and user-friendly4.5/5
After-Sales supportOn-site service & Repair4.0/5

To know more detailed explanations about every feature of each model of Candes geysers, we recommend you to keep reading this article to the end. It will help you develop a much clearer perception of the Brand, and you can ultimately make a more informed decision.

Candes water geyser Review | Is Candes a good brand?


Candes Technology Private Limited is an Indian private sector company that provides a complete range of home & kitchen electrical appliances at affordable prices. Although the company came into existence a decade ago, in 2010, but it was January 2021 when it got officially registered.

The company initially started its journey by selling electric fans and geysers as their primary products. Slowly the Brand got very popular because of its top quality and very competitive pricing. As a result, it added a completely new product range in 2015 in categories such as Stabilizers, Immersion rods, Room heaters, Gas Stoves, LEDs, Toasters, Mixer Grinders, Irons and Smart Gadgets.

Right now, CANDES is a very trustworthy household name that is loved by the masses for its good quality affordable Geysers, Heaters, LED, Toaster, Fans, Smartwatches and many more. It has got actor Arjun Kapoor as its brand ambassador nowadays and goes with a tagline ‘Smart India ka Smart Home’.

Candes Geyser Models List

Candes has geysers in few different categories according to the features and hardware. Here are the main Models of geysers sold by Candes:

Candes Geyser Models
  1. Candes Glanzo Glassline
  2. Gracia ABS Model
  3. Perfecto Metal Model
  4. Fiesta Instant Water Heater
  5. Candes Gas geyser

Candes Geyser Price

Here is a complete price list of all Candes Geyser Models:

Please note that these are a comprehensive price range based on the geyser capacity and model type.

Candes Geyser Model Price
Perfecto Metal Model₹3,399 – ₹4,699
Candes Gracia ABS₹3,549 – ₹5,549
Candes Glanzo Glassline₹5,999 – ₹6,999
Fiesta Instant Water Heater₹1,899 – ₹2,299
Candes Gas geyser₹3,899

Keep reading this article until the end to get the best models in each category that provide the best value for your money and are most popular among buyers.

If you are confused about choosing the right capacity and model as per your requirements, you will indeed find this article very helpful.

Water heater buying Guide – Choosing the Best

Best features of Candes Geyser Models

These are some of the best features that Candes 6 Ltr Geyser models have:

  1. Very energy-efficient storage water heater with 5-star ratings and fast heating
  2. It comes with a complete Installation Kit with Multiple Safety Systems.
  3. High-grade SS304 stainless steel components.
  4. High Efficiency and long life Incoloy Heating Element.
  5. Standard ISI Marked & BIS approved.
  6. A 5-Year Warranty for your peace of mind.
  7. Good after-sales On-Site Service for 500+ Cities & 13,500+ Pin codes.

Candes Geyser Review of 6 Ltr models And Price

If you are a bachelor living away from your home, a 6-litre geyser is something that you can look into. A Candes 6 Ltr Geyser is easy to install and operate in the smallest bathrooms because of its compact size and lower pricing. On the other hand, you can also use it as a kitchen geyser or secondary water heater for bigger families.

Candes 6 Ltr Geyser mainly comes with two model types. Still, there is also a 7-litre gas geyser variant that you can buy for places with electricity issues.

These are the two most popular Candes 6 Ltr Geyser models:

  1. Candes Gracia ABS 6L Model
  2. Candes Perfecto Metal 6L Model

The only thing that differentiates the Candes Gracia ABS and the Candes Perfecto Metal 6L Models are their physical dimensions and look. There is a very negligible difference in the hardware and performance of these geysers.

So, our recommendation for you is to go with the geyser model that fits the designated space in your bathroom or the one which matches your house interiors.

Candes 6 Ltr Geyser Price

Here is a model-wise price list of Candes 6 Ltr Geysers:

Model Name Price
Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 6L₹3,549
Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 6L₹3,399
Candes Gracia ABS 6L

Candes Gracia ABS 6L Model

Candes 5 Star Rated 25 Litre Automatic Storage Electric Water Heater

  • Candes Perfecto Metal 6L Model
  • Candes 10 Litre Geyser Review And Price

    The Candes 10-litre geyser is most suitable for a family of 2-3 members and when there is a sufficient interval within the hot water usage. But if you are using the hot water from different taps and outlets simultaneously, all connected to the same 15L geyser, it is certainly won’t be enough. Moreover, due to the lower volume of water due to tank capacity, the water pressure will also be a bit lower than giant capacity geysers.

    These are the three most popular Candes 10 Ltr Geyser models:

    1. Candes Gracia ABS 10L Model
    2. Candes Elentro Geyser 10L
    3. Candes Perfecto Metal 10L Model

    Candes Perfecto Metal Vs Candes Gracia ABS Geyser

    The perfecto metal model is the basic functional model of Candes, while the Gracia ABS is a more advanced 3000 Watt version with better energy efficiency and faster heating. Despite the minor price difference of just a few hundred bucks of these geyser models, both serve their purposes in their our ways. However, the Gracia ABS model is our preferred choice for personal domestic use inside homes because of its sleek design and better performance.

    For commercial usage, where the price is an important deciding factor, the Candes Perfecto Metal water-heater can be a good choice considering we buy it in bulk quantities. Another advantage of this model is that it is also effortless to operate and maintain.

    Candes 10 litre Geyser Price

    Here is a model-wise price list of Candes 10 litre Geysers:

    Model Name Price
    Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 10L₹3,846
    Candes Elentro Geyser 10L₹3,799
    Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 10L₹3,599
    Candes Gracia ABS

    Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 10L

    Candes Elentro Geyser

    Candes Elentro Geyser 10L

    Candes 5 Star Rated 25 Litre Automatic Storage Electric Water Heater

    Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 10L

    Candes 15 Ltr Geyser Review And Price

    When you are confused between the tank capacity of geysers and trying to buy one for a family of 2-3 people, it is best to go for a 15 Ltr geyser capacity. It will provide sufficient water for a nuclear family and, at the same time, doesn’t occupy much space inside your bathroom. However, keep in mind that if all the family members are working and leave home at similar timings, you won’t get desired hot water. And as money isn’t an issue in such a case, you must go with a 25-litre geyser.

    These are the three most popular Candes 15 Ltr Geyser models:

    1. Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 15L
    2. Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 15L
    3. Candes Glanzo Glassline 15L

    Candes 15 Ltr Geyser Price

    Here is a model-wise price list of Candes 15 Ltr Geysers:

    Model Name Price
    Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 15L₹4,099
    Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 15L₹4,599
    Candes Glanzo Glassline 15L₹5,999
    Candes Gracia ABS

    Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 15L

    Candes Elentro Geyser

    Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 15L

    Candes 5 Star Rated 25 Litre Automatic Storage Electric Water Heater

    Candes Glanzo Glassline 15L

    Candes Perfecto Metal Vs Gracia ABS Vs Glanzo Glassline Geyser

    The Candes Perfecto Metal and the Gracia ABS geysers are more or less similar in their hardware and performance, with the main difference in design and looks. However, when we compare the Perfecto Metal and the Gracia ABS models with the Candes Glanzo Glassline geyser, there is a remarkable advancement in technology and features.

    The Glanzo Glassline geyser is far more corrosion resistant than the others due to its preventive coating. The other most distinguishing feature is the manual temperature control knob that you won’t find in other Candes geyser models of this category.

    Candes 25 Litre Geyser Review And Price

    Even on a mediocre budget, the best Candes Geyser models that you can buy are its 25-litre Variants. Candes 25 Litre Geyser models serve most of the purposes for much bigger family sizes and can also be used in commercial establishments. If you have sufficient space inside your bathroom, you can always buy a 25L geyser without any second thoughts. These modern-day geysers come with excellent insulation properties. Once the water gets heated, it will be sufficient for the whole day of use, and you don’t have to worry about power cuts anymore.

    These are the three most popular Candes 25 Ltr Geyser models:

    1. Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 25L
    2. Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 25L
    3. Candes Glanzo Glassline 25L

    Candes 25 litre Geyser Price

    Here is a model-wise price list of Candes 25 litre Geysers:

    Model Name Price
    Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 25L₹4,699
    Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 25L₹5,271
    Candes Glanzo Glassline 25L₹6,999
    Candes Gracia ABS

    Candes Perfecto Metal Geyser 25L

    Candes Elentro Geyser

    Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 25L

    Candes 5 Star Rated 25 Litre Automatic Storage Electric Water Heater

    Candes Glanzo Glassline 25L

    cyborg wisdomCyborg Suggests:

    While choosing a Geyser, it is always better to go with a size one step bigger than what suits your needs, unless you have a very restricted space for installation. We always recommend buyers to go with a 25L Model irrespective of the family size if they don’t want to spend a bit extra. Based on our personal experience, we can tell you that even a 15-20L tank capacity is not good enough for a family of 4 people. You can still choose a smaller tank capacity for singular use and tight bathroom spaces. But, if you are buying for a family of any size, the 25L variant is the best option.

    Pros & Cons of Candes Geyser

    Why you should buy ?

    • Very durable & rugged
    • Budget-friendly
    • Consumes less electricity
    • Free Door Step Service
    • Highest Ratings by users
    • Value for money
    • Good after-sales service

    Why you shouldn’t ?

    • No smart Features

    Final Decision – Expert advice for Choosing the Best Candes Geyser for you

    Now, as you have read everything about Candes geysers and know everything about the varieties of models, you might be wondering which would be the best option for your requirements. So, here are our top picks as per the most common user needs:

    Your RequirementBest Candes Geyser model
    Best Geyser for BachelorsCandes Gracia ABS Geyser 10L
    Best geyser for micro-familiesCandes Gracia ABS Geyser 15L
    Best Geyser for Big FamiliesCandes Perfecto Metal Geyser 25L
    Manual Temperature ControlCandes Glanzo Glassline
    Best Candes kitchen GeyserCandes Fiesta Instant Water Heater
    Best Candes Geyser for hard waterCandes Glanzo Glassline
    The Best Value for Money (Editor’s Choice)Candes Gracia ABS Geyser 25L
    Commercial UseCandes Perfecto Metal Geyser 25L

    We also have some fantastic deals for you if you decide to buy a Candes Geyser today. Buy through the links given in this article, and you can get an extra 5% discount coupon based on your Amazon account and purchase history. So, grab the offer while it lasts.

    Candes geyser Toll-free number for Installation and service

    Neither Amazon nor the Candes company provides any installation support for the geysers. But, the good thing here is any geyser from Candes comes with a complete installation kit without any extra added cost. If you just put on a little bit of effort on your side, you can easily install it single-handedly or with the help of a friend.

    Moreover, if you face any problem during installation, you can quickly contact Candes customer care through call or even WhatsApp.

    Candes geyser customer care number

    The official customer care number for any queries related to Candes geyser is +919310217042.

    Alternatively, you can mail Candes at

    You can also register a complaint against any Candes product on their Register Complaint page.

    Keep in mind that the company help only responds between 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday to Saturday).

    Candes company Review

    Here are the complete company details of Candes Technology Pvt Ltd.

    Company addressCandes Technology Pvt Ltd Ground Floor, Plot No. 424, Pooth-Khurd Industrial Area, North West Delhi, Delhi, 110039  
    GST No07AAJCC2536M1ZF
    WhatsApp Customer Care+91-8882253256
    Candes geyser website
    Owned byVipin Aggarwal, Dhiraj Jain, Khushbu Aggarwal
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