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Racold Andris Slim Geyser Review

Racold Eterno Pro Geyser

The Racold Andris Slim geyser is the ultimate option for people with larger families who require more hot water every day. It is the only Branded electric geyser that comes with a 30L titanium enamel coated water tank capacity yet manages to give any local 5-star rated geysers a run for their money. Thanks to its Italian design, it looks very beautiful, and premium and people are going to notice its uniqueness. The compact space-saving design combined with the addition of Racold’s high-end practical technologies makes the Racold Andris slim geyser stand out among its competition.

Specification of Racold Andris Slim Geyser

Capacity 30 liters
Star Rating4 Star (BEE Standard)
Rated pressure 8 bar
Body MaterialAbs outer body
Tank MaterialTitanium enamel coated steel tank
Heating element Enamel coated
Warranty summary 2 years on product, 3 years on heating element and 5 years on tank

A Short Review of Racold Andris Slim Geyser

  1. Heating Element: This water heater comes with a very powerful 2500 watt enamel-coated heating element that complements its bigger water storage capacity.
  2. Tank: The Racold Andris Slim Geyser uses a titanium steel tank with a titanium enamel coating to enhance its performance against corrosion & salt deposits when used with hard water. This 30L tank is enough for bigger families with 7-8 members.
  3. Safety: It uses all the standard safety measures of a premium-grade geyser, including auto cut-off, MFV, and a temperature control knob. Moreover, it also features a shower-ready LED indicator which lits-up when the water inside reaches optimal temperature.
  4. Energy efficiency: Racold is a 10-time BEE award winner and is known for implementing the best effective energy-saving measures in its products. So, even after being a 4-star product, the Racold Andris Slim Geyser performs well in this area using Flexomix technology and better PUF insulation.
  5. Warranty: The company provides a 5-year warranty on the inner tank, 2+1 years of extendable warranty on the heating element, and another 2-year comprehensive warranty on the product itself.

Pros & cons of Racold Andris Slim water heater

Why you should buy ?

  • Very sleek & modern design
  • 30L tank capacity
  • Titanium enamel coating
  • Faster heating
  • Shower-ready indicator
  • High-rise compatible
  • Temperature control knob
  • Free installation
  • Extended warranty

Why you shouldn’t ?

  • Service issues in remote areas

Price of Racold Andris Slim Geyser

The 30L Racold Andris Slim water heater is generally priced around ₹11,400 on Amazon. However, another lower-capacity model of 20L is available at a lower price of ₹9,300.

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Racold Eterno Pro Geyser

Racold Andris Slim Geyser

one of a kind product with unique features like bigger storage capacity, faster heating, space-saving design, a control knob, Flexomix technology any many more.

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Racold Andris Slim Geyser

Crompton Solarium Vogue Instant Geyser

Racold Andris Slim Geyser

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