Best AC Troubleshooting Guide 2022 for split & window AC

Problems are pervasive in household air conditioning units due to the lack of proper service & timely maintenance. But most of the time, a lot of these problems can be resolved in-house just by spotting the exact area of the issue. That is the reason why we have designed this AC troubleshooting guide so that you will be able to give it a try before you call a service engineer. We have made a complete list of the Common AC problems & solutions that need very little or no technical expertise.

So, let’s find out the reasons that are causing you the discomfort and how you can get them right.

Check for these things to fix your AC if it has stopped working:

  1. Thermostat setting
  2. Dirty air filter
  3. Blown fuse
  4. Soiled or damaged outdoor unit
  5. Ice on refrigerant lines
  6. A tripped down MCB / circuit breaker
  7. Low refrigerant levels
  8. Problems with drain pipe
  9. Anything blocking the airflow of the outdoor unit
AC installation Tips, AC Troubleshooting Guide

If you still can’t detect the problem, let’s dig a little deeper by following the checklist listed below.

A step by step AC troubleshooting Guide

1. Problem : Why did my air conditioner stop working?

Checklist :

  • Is the protection device or fuse blown?
  • Please wait for 3 minutes and start again. The protection device may be preventing the unit from working.
  • Are the remote control batteries low?
  • Is the plug not properly plugged?

2. Problem : Why is my AC running but not cooling?

Checklist :

  • Is the air filter dirty?
  • Are the intakes and outlets of the air conditioner blocked?
  • Is the temperature set correctly?
  • Are doors or windows open?

3. Problem : Can’t control the AC cooling effectively?

Checklist :

  • Has there been a substantial interference from excessive static electricity discharge, power supply voltage abnormality?
  • If the operation is abnormal, in this case, unplug from the power supply and re-plug after 2-3 seconds.?

4. Problem : What would cause an AC compressor not to turn on immediately?

Checklist :

  • A 3-minute delay is typical to occur when changing modes during operation.

5. Problem : Why does it smell bad when I turn my AC ON?

Checklist :

  • This smell may come from another source such as furniture, cigarette, etc., which is sucked in the unit and blown out with the air.

6. Problem : Why do I consistently hear the sound of running water?

Checklist :

  • It is a Normal behavior caused by the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioner.
  • Defrosting sound can be heard in heating mode.

7. Problem : Why there is a Cracking sound in my AC?

Checklist :

  • The sound may be generated by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to temperature changes.

8. Problem : Why there are Mist sprays from the outlet of my AC?

Checklist :

  • Is mist present in the room with low temperature?
  • It is a Normal behaviour due to cool air discharged from the indoor unit during COOLING or DRY operation mode.

9. Problem : Why Running indicator flashes, but the indoor fan stopped in my AC?

Checklist :

  • If the unit is shifting from heating mode to defrost, the indicator will light off and return to heating mode.

If the problem persists, you might need professional help. So, call the customer care of the relevant brand and ask them to send a service engineer. Suppose your air conditioner is out of warranty. In that case, you can also take the help of 3rd party services like UrbanClap or call a local electrician.

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