Realme Buds Q2 Review: Feature-Packed Earbuds In a Budget

With new launches every day by upcoming brands, Bluetooth earbuds are more popular than ever now. Right now, there is an uncountable number of options available in this segment, from basic budget options to the most premium ones. Following the footsteps of Apple, most of the mobile phone companies are now launching such earbuds, and Realme is no exception. The newest addition by the Realme in this range is the Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds. Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds is a feature-packed gadget that facilitates most of the premium features in the entry-level segment. It is the successor of the Realme Buds Q, launched in August 2020. Let’s find out more in-depth about these features in this Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds Review so that you could make a smarter choice.

Realme Buds Q2 Review- what to expect?

If you are low on time and just want a quick opinion before buying these earbuds, here is an Honest expert opinion summarizing this Realme Buds Q2 Review:

realme Buds Q2 review
  1. Built Quality – Average with plastic body
  2. Bass – Great 10mm Bass Boost Driver
  3. Sound clarity – Great clarity with Large LCP diaphragm
  4. Microphone Quality – Good dual-mic setup
  5. Looks – Good minimalistic design
  6. Connectivity – Great latest Bluetooth v5.2
  7. Battery – Great Battery life with fast charging facility
  8. Safety – Good IPX5 water & dust resistance
  9. Extra features – Great Low Latency, Transparency Mode
  10. After-sales service – Average
  11. Price – Good mid-budget option

Now, if you still want a detailed insight about each & every aspect of these earbuds, we recommend you to read this article carefully till the end to get the pros/cons and the final verdict.

Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth Earbuds Lunch date in India

Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth Earbuds were launched in June 2021.

Older version of Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth Earbuds

The Q2 is the upgraded version of the highly successful Realme Buds Q Bluetooth Earbuds, which are about a year older. Although some of the older hardware (like the 10mm driver) remains the same, various new features will enhance the user experience to the next level.

Specification of Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds

  • Playback time with the case – 28 hours
  • Playback time in one use – 5 hours
  • Driver- 10mm driver
  • Operating range – 10 meters
  • Bluetooth version – Bluetooth v5.2
  • Water resistance – IPX5
  • Voice assistance – Google Assistant & Siri
  • Charging port – Type-C
  • Multi-function button – multi function Touch
  • Other features – Low Latency Gaming mode, 3 sound profiles

In-box content

  1. Earbuds
  2. Charging Case
  3. Charging Cable
  4. Ear tips
  5. User Guide
  6. Warranty Card
  7. Tips Card

Features Rating

Sound quality


Build quality


Battery life




Detailed Feature review of Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth Earbuds

Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth Earbuds comes loaded with many modern features like Active Noise Cancellation, Fast Charging, Bluetooth v5.2, Bass Boost, Type-C Port, IPX5, Low Latency, Transparency Mode, Google Fast Pair, and many more. Honestly speaking, these are most of the features that you can find in any Bluetooth earbud in any price bracket available today.

So, let’s now discuss all the pros & cons of each feature in detail, which will help you make a more informed decision.

The built quality of Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds


The product finish is amazing, and the magnet used to hold the earbuds are also very strong.

The BAD:

The Realme Buds Q2 has a complete plastic body. Although the plastic used is of good quality, you can feel the obvious difference if you compare it to more premium products in the high-end price segment.

The Conclusion:

For the price for which it is made available, the build quality is above average. If you rather want to go with better features than opting for a fancy outlook, it’s a great option for you.

The sound quality of the Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds


Realme Buds Q2 has one of the best sound quality in this price segment. The audio experience that these earbuds provide is just amazing. Realme Buds Q2 comes with three different sound profiles, which you can choose from. During our testing, we found that the bass quality, instrumental compatibility, and vocal clarity, all are equally astounding in Q2. Moreover, the Large LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm, along with a Bass Boost+ algorithm, makes it a perfect treat for any Bass-enthusiast.

The BAD:

Nothing bad in this department.

The Conclusion:

If your first and foremost priority is good acoustics with great bass and loudness, you don’t have to look anymore; just go for these earbuds. We assure you that you won’t regret them.

Driver size of Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds

Driver of Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds


Realme Buds Q2 comes with a 10mm bass boosted driver. It is a normal driver, but it is tuned and optimized for high bass sound.

The BAD:

Nothing bad here, as the 10mm driver is enough to produce a decent sound range that provides you with an immersive experience.

The Conclusion:

The driver size is standard, but it is optimized very well to provide a good depth of sound without any distortion even at high volume levels.

Microphone quality of Realme Buds Q2


The Realme Buds Q2 comes with a dual-mic setup and an ENC to cut background noise during calls. This hardware setup is good and effective if optimized.

The BAD:

The real-world performance of this mic is not so good. It should be canceling the environment noise, but it feels like it captures them. As a result, we find it very difficult to use it in high-noise outdoor environments for making calls.

The Conclusion:

The mic performs great in quite indoor conditions like in-home or office. But, If you are looking for earbuds for mainly outdoor calling uses, you might want to consider other options. It is not that microphone quality is not useable, but there are better options available.

Comfort & looks

Comfort and looks of Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds


Realme Buds Q2 comes with a very straightforward, simplistic design, and it is also very comfortable to use. The earbuds fit well in all ear-size and can we won’t felt any discomfort while wearing them for long hours.

The BAD:

The size of Realme Buds Q2 earbuds is slightly bigger than its competitors in terms of its circumference. But, nevertheless, the slim design compensates for it to look sleeker.

The Conclusion:

There is nothing extra fancy in the looks of these earbuds. The overall design & looks are very functional and elegant.

cyborg wisdomCyborg suggests:

These Realme Buds Q2 earbuds are available in two colors: white & black. Here, we recommend you go with the black color option. The Black not only looks more classy & professional but also maintains its looks in long-term usage. At the same time, the white color is a dirt magnet and accumulates more and more dirt over time. So, unless you live in a super clean environment 24×7, we suggest choosing the Black.

Battery life of Realme Buds Q2 earbuds


Realme Buds Q2 houses a 400mAh battery in the charging case and a 40mAh battery in each earbud. This setup provides a total playback time of around 28 hours and 5 hours on single-use. Moreover, as it also has fast charging, you will easily get 3 hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of charging.

The BAD:

We observed that the ANC feature decline the playback time as this feature requires a special hardware function.

The Conclusion:

Overall, the battery life is good. It easily lasted for a couple of days during our travel outside the state. However, here you should understand that, like every other battery running device, the running times vary depending on the use cases.

Water & dust resistance in Realme Buds Q2


Realme Buds Q2 comes with IPX5 water and dust resistance which means it can easily handle wet situations like heavy sweating and occasional little water splashes.

The BAD:

IPX5 doesn’t protect the earbuds from in water usages. So, don’t try to use it during heavy rains and in the bathroom or swimming pools.

The Conclusion:

Evaluating it w.r.t to its current price point, the IPX5 will be considered value for money.

Noise cancellation feature in Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds


Realme Buds Q2 supports active noise cancellation (ANC) with Realme R2 intelligent noise cancellation chip.

The BAD:

The setup looks effective in specs, but in the real world, it’s not that effective.

The Conclusion:

The noise cancellation in these earbuds is average. So, don’t expect anything extraordinary in this domain just by seeing the specs sheet.

if your requirement is a better Noise cancellation feature, you can check out these latest earbuds from boAt.

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC

Connectivity options in Realme Buds Q2


Realme Buds Q2 supports the new Bluetooth v5.2, which is the latest and most advanced Bluetooth connection you will get at this price point. The Bluetooth v5.2 ensures strong and continuous connectivity even when there is a lot of physical and electronic disturbance.

The Q2 also has Google Fast Pair that utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy to discover and detect nearby Bluetooth devices using Bluetooth data and location data, making the pairing process fast & easy.

In simpler words, these earbuds come with instant connect that automatically connects to your device, just by opening the case.

The BAD:

There is nothing to complain about here.

The Conclusion:

The Bluetooth v5.2 is the best you can get. Even the most premium earbuds are still using lower versions of Bluetooth.

Sound delay or, Latency in Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds

Latency in Realme Buds Q2 Earbuds


These earbuds are very low on latency. The Realme Buds Q2 has an 88ms latency which is very low. It ensures high performance in gaming so, you can almost hear the sounds in real-time.

The BAD:

If you are looking for a dedicated professional gaming setup, you might want to go to more premium options and buy more sophisticated gaming dedicated earbuds.

The Conclusion:

Finding a wireless earbud with such a low latency at this price point is bliss. You can buy it without worrying about the sound delay and use it for casual to mid-range gaming.

If your requirement is a dedicated headphones for gaming, you can check out this amazing list of gaming headphones .

Top 7 Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

Additional Features of Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds

Realme Link app

There is a complete suite of feature controls that the company provides with this application to give smart control over your earbuds. There are different sound profiles and noise cancellation modes available for you inside the app.

Transparency mode

Realme Buds Q2 has a transparency mode which helps in increasing environmental awareness when you are wearing it. Any earbuds prevent the environmental noise from entering your ear, making it difficult to stay aware of surrounding and hear other people’s voices.

When you activate the transparency mode, earbuds catches the environment sound and make you more aware about the surrounding. In these Q2 earbuds, this mode is very functional & its performance is excellent.

Voice assistance

The Realme Buds Q2 supports single tap voice assistance. You can activate this feature easily just by pressing a single button on the earbuds. It is fully compatible with google assistance, Siri & Alexa.

Pros & cons of Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds

Why you should buy ?

  • Great bass & sound clarity
  • Low Latency
  • Bluetooth v5.2
  • Type-C Port
  • Transparency Mode
  • Dual-channel Transmission
  • Sound optimization by Realme Link App

Why you shouldn’t ?

  • Weak ANC
  • No Battery level indicator
DC Logo

Buy for : Best overall sound-quality & Bass

Final Verdict of this ‘Realme Buds Q2 Review’

So, the final takeaway of this ‘Realme Buds Q2 Review’ is if you want a minimalistic design with a top-of-line sound experience on a budget, these earbuds are a perfect choice for you. But, if you want a much sturdier and refined design for taking the calls during your commute, don’t get fooled by the spec sheet. Overall, the Realme Buds Q2 is a great feature-loaded budget option with amazing bass, great connectivity & customizable sound profiles. Although there might be a few drawbacks in some areas, still it’s one great value for money product.

How are REALME products?

Realme is a Chinese smartphone & electronics manufacturer, a sub-brand of OPPO, collectively owned by BBK Electronics. The company is currently headquartered in the Shenzhen province of China. It mainly deals in electronic products, including Smartphones, Earphones, Power-banks, Realme UI, Phone cases, AIoT products, Bags, and Smart TVs. Moreover, now the Realme brand had successfully entered 20 markets, including China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
From the launch of their first mobile phone, ‘Realme 1’, in May 2018, the company has come a long way to become one of the most popular brands of BBK. In the Indian market, Realme became the No. 1 emerging brand during 2018.
You might also find it interesting to know that Realme holds many records in India, including India’s first 64MP smartphone, India’s fastest-charging smartphone, and India’s first 5G smartphone.


List of Realme service centers in your area

You can find the complete list of service centers of Realme in your area by clicking the link given below:

Realme service centres

Realme customer care number

Here is the official link to Realme services:

Realme Support

Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds

realme Buds Q2 review
  • Extra Long Battery Life (up to 28 hours) with Fast Charging feature
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • latest Bluetooth v5.2 and Google Fast Pair technology
  • Combo of 10mm Bass Boost Driver & Large Liquid Crystal Polymer
  • 88mm Super Low Latency Gaming mode
  • Dual Channel Transmission ensure perfect sync

Starting from ₹ 2,499

Best Alternatives to Realme Buds Q2 Bluetooth earbuds

boAt Airdopes 441

1. Driver Size- 6 mm x 2
2. Battery life –
30 hours
3. Water resistant –
4. Approx. Price – ₹ 2,499.00

Noise Air Buds

1. Driver Size – 13 mm
2. Battery life –
20 hours
3. Water resistant –
4. Approx. Price – ₹ 2,298.00

boAt Airdopes 621

1. Driver Size – 6 mm
2. Battery life –
150 hours
3. Water resistant –
4. Approx. Price – ₹2,999.00 

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