Havells BT9005 Trimmer Review- Specs, Price, Pros & Cons

What could be better if your trimmer cuts your hair fast and also looks good and stylish. The Havells BT9005 Trimmer is one such good-looking trimmer that performs as amazing as it looks. So, in this Havells BT9005 Trimmer Review, we have brought you a detailed review of this trimmer based on our extensive usage and analysis of this product.

The Havells BT9005 Adjustable Beard & Moustache Trimmer comes with an auto-lock zoom wheel and 45 minutes run time. It has a unique Capture trim technology, which ensures 2x faster cutting in 1 stroke. These are just a glimpse of the main features of this trimmer. Let’s now dive deeper into this ‘Havells BT9005 Trimmer Review’ to understand whether you should buy it or not.

Havells BT9005 Adjustable Beard & Moustache Trimmer

Box Content

  1. Beard trimmer
  2. Length setting comb
  3. Power adaptor
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Lubricating oil
  6. Cleaning brush
  7. Instruction manual

Specifications of Havells BT9005 Trimmer

  • Blade Material – Stainless Steel Blades
  • Body Material – Plastic
  • Trimming Range – 0.5mm to 10mm
  • Water-Resistant – No
  • Washable Head – Yes
  • Power Source – Cord & Cordless
  • Battery Run Time – 50 minutes
  • Charging time – 90 minutes
  • Warranty – 2 years

Features Rating

Blade quality


Build quality


Battery life


Ease of use


Blade quality of Havells BT9005 Trimmer

Havells BT9005 Trimmer comes with stainless steel blades with a unique capture trim technology.

Capture trim technology is a system that uses a different blade design to help have more coverage area in one stroke. In simpler terms, It helps the trimmer cut more hair in less time due to its more comprehensive skin coverage and faster cutting operation.

Water resistance

There is no water resistance mentioned on the pack of this trimmer. However, you can easily detach the head and wash it after every use. You only need to keep the main body from getting wet.

Comb length of Havells BT9005 Trimmer

This trimmer comes with standard 0.5 -10 mm length settings with a precision of 0.5mm. It makes this comb suitable for all sorts of small and medium beard styles. However,  It is not ideal for very long beard styles, as the maximum comb length is limited to 10mm only.

A zoom wheel can control all the length settings, which we found very convenient during daily usage.

Power options

This trimmer has both the options of corded and cordless use. This trimmer can be fully charged in 90 minutes, and while on battery, this trimmer has a runtime of 50 minutes. The company claim that the trimmer can run for 3 minutes with a 1-minute charge. The charging can be done by the micro-USB port available in the trimmer.

cyborg wisdomCyborg wisdom:

We see the charging style in modern smartphones, which charges quickly at starting & slows down afterward. Similarly, this trimmer charges faster at starting & then slows down. This charging method gives the user the convenience of using it once, even after forgetting to charge it. And other than that, as it supports corded use, you can also use it while plugged in.

Build quality and design

The company has made this trimmer out of hard plastic, finishing in dual-tone colors of black and blue. The built quality & ergonomics of this trimmer is brilliant. We found it very easy to hold and operate. Overall, the design is very distinctive and premium, and durable as well.

Additional features of Havells BT9005 Trimmer

  1. Zoom-lock – It has a unique zoom-lock mechanism that automatically locks the comb after the user sets the length. It is a handy feature, as it gives you the liberty to apply as much pressure as you can, and still, the comb doesn’t retract at all.
  2. LED indicator – This Trimmer comes with a LED indicator, which turns on once the battery is full. It helps prevent you from overcharging the device, which may reduce the battery life in prolonged usage.

Warranty & service details

Havells Toll-free customer care/Service number – 08045 77 1313

You can claim Havells’ trimmer warranty by visiting the service center.

Havells Brand Details & Ranking

Havells India Limited is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida, India. Established in 1958, this company produces a complete range of products ranging from home appliances, electronics to personal grooming products.

Headquartered in Noida, the company has 11 manufacturing units in Haridwar, Baddi, Noida, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana, and Bengaluru.

As on Amazon, The Ranking of this trimmer model is

#45 in Beard Trimmers

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Pros & Cons of Havells BT9005 Trimmer

Why you should buy ?

  • Cord and cordless use
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Faster cutting per stroke
  • Comb-lock mechanism
  • Led indicator for Battery-Full

Why you shouldn’t ?

  • Open comb design
  • No travel lock
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Buy for : The Hasty Buyer

Final verdict of this “Havells BT9005 Trimmer Review”

This trimmer is fast, both in terms of charging as well as operations. The features of this trimmer make it an ideal choice for people who are always in a hurry. The quick charge via USB is a bonus feature to increase the options for your charging convenience. So, if you often get late due to time spent on personal grooming, the Havells BT9005 Trimmer is the one you should choose without a doubt. Besides that, we have tried and tested it in every aspect and haven’t found a problem till date.

Havells BT9005 Trimmer

Havells BT9005 Adjustable Beard & Moustache Trimmer
  • Capture trim technology
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Led battery indicator
  • 0.5 mm to 10 mm with a step size of 0.5 mm
  • Auto-lock zoom wheel
  • Cord and cordless use

~ ₹ 1,499.00

Best Alternatives to Havells BT9005 Trimmer

Mi Beard Trimmer

1. Comb Length- 0.5 to 20mm
2. Battery life –
90 minutes
3. Warranty –
1 years
4. Approx. Price – ₹ 1,440.00


1. Comb Length0.5 to 20mm
2. Battery life –
90 minutes
3. Warranty
1 year
4. Approx. Price – ₹ 1,149.00

Philips MG3747/15

1. Comb Length1 to 16mm
2. Battery life –
70 minutes
3. Warranty
1 year
4. Approx. Price – ₹1,749.00

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