Havells BT6201 Trimmer Review- Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

When searching for a trimmer in the mid-budget range, the Havells BT6201 Trimmer is one great option to consider. So, here is a great in-depth Havells BT6201 Trimmer Review that will help to decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not!

Havells BT6201 Beard Trimmer comes equipped with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and a fast-charging battery. Compact, easy-to-use, and equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery are some of the notable features. The cord and cordless usage make it an excellent choice for all sorts of uses.

Let’s now discuss these features in more detail to understand the user-friendliness of this trimmer.

Havells BT6201 Li-Ion Cord & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Box Content

  1. Beard trimmer
  2. Length setting comb
  3. Power adapter
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Lubricating oil
  6. Instruction manual
  7. Travel pouch

Specifications of Havells BT6201 Trimmer

  • Blade Material – Stainless Steel Blades
  • Body Material – Plastic
  • Trimming Range – 3-4-5-6-7mm
  • Water-Resistant – No
  • Washable Head – Yes
  • Power Source – Cord & Cordless
  • Battery Run Time – 90 minutes
  • Charging time – 90 minutes
  • Warranty – Two years guarantee

Features Rating

Blade quality


Build quality


Battery life


Ease of use


Blade quality of Havells BT6201 Trimmer

The blades of Havells BT6201 Trimmer are made up of hypoallergenic stainless steel, which ensures skin-friendly, sharp, and efficient trim throughout. These U-shaped blades adjust to the facial contour and glide effortlessly, resulting in a more comfortable operation.

This trimmer is especially suited for sensitive skin types and whose main priority is a smooth trimming experience.

Water-resistance capacity

No, this trimmer doesn’t have any water resistance certification. It comes with a detachable head that can be detached and wash after every use.

Comb lengths in Havells BT6201 Trimmer

This trimmer comes with 3-4-5-6-7 mm length settings with the comb. And when the comb is removed, this trimmer can cut your hair up to 0.5mm in length. There is not much length adjustment setting available in this trimmer. If you need a wide range or exact precision length to carry your style, this trimmer is not for you.

Power options in Havells BT6201 Trimmer

This trimmer facilitates both cord and cordless use to the user. The in-built Li-ion battery charges fast as it only takes about 90 minutes to go from 0 to 100%. As far as the battery backup is concerned, there is 1 minute of backup for 1 minute of charge. It means once fully charged, you can use the trimmer for about 90 minutes, which is equivalent to approximately 20 trims.

It is impressive to get a fast charging with such a long battery backup at this price point. Moreover, even if the trimmer runs out of juice, you can use it simultaneously while connected to a power socket as it also supports corded use.

Build quality and design

The Havells BT6201 Beard Trimmer is made of high-quality plastic and comes in a glossy finish triple tone of Sky-blue, Black & chrome. It looks slim and is very easy to handle & operate.

Additional features of Havells BT6201 Trimmer

  1. Battery Indication – When fully charged, the LED indicator turns green from red.

Warranty & service details

Havells Toll-free customer care/Service number – 08045 77 1313, 1800-11-0303

Havells has a 24 hour home service, which you can claim by calling on the above-given numbers.

Brand Details & Ranking

Havells India Limited is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida, India. Established in 1958, this company produces a complete range of products ranging from home appliances, electronics to personal grooming products.

Headquartered in Noida, the company has 11 manufacturing units in Haridwar, Baddi, Noida, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana, and Bengaluru.

As on Amazon, The Ranking of this trimmer model is

#45 in Beard Trimmers

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Pros & Cons of Havells BT6201 Trimmer

Why you should buy ?

  • Quick rechargeable battery
  • Cordless and Corded Use
  • U-Shaped Metal Hypoallergenic Blades
  • Battery Indicator

Why you shouldn’t ?

  • Only 3-4-5-6-7 mm length settings with the comb
  • A bit tricky to attach-detach the blade
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Buy for : The minimalistic Buyer

Final verdict of this “Havells BT6201 Trimmer Review”

The Havells BT6201 Trimmer is best suited to people with sensitive skin. Moreover, If you are not very particular about the exact length of hair & don’t mind the limited available length settings. In that case, you can buy this trimmer without any second thoughts. Overall, It’s a very durable and long-lasting trimmer from Havells that you can buy on a budget.

Havells BT6201 Trimmer

Havells BT6201 Li-Ion Cord & Cordless Beard Trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic U-shaped blades
  • 90 minutes run time after 90 minutes of full charge
  • Cord and cordless use
  • 3-4-5-6-7 mm length settings with a comb
  • LED charging indication
  • Two-year guarantee

~ ₹ 1,499.00

Best Alternatives to Havells BT9005 Trimmer

Mi Beard Trimmer

1. Comb Length- 0.5 to 20mm
2. Battery life –
90 minutes
3. Warranty –
1 years
4. Approx. Price – ₹ 1,440.00

Havells BT9005

1. Comb Length0.5mm to 10mm
2. Battery life –
50 minutes
3. Warranty
2 year
4. Approx. Price – ₹ 1,499.00

Philips MG3747/15

1. Comb Length1 to 16mm
2. Battery life –
70 minutes
3. Warranty
1 year
4. Approx. Price – ₹1,749.00

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