boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker Review 2022

Bluetooth speakers are still in trend as companies keep launching new ones with more features and better sound quality. The latest one in this list is the boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker launched recently by the Indian electronics company Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited. Today, in this boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker review, we will weigh the claimed features against the actual quality of this product. And in the end, you will be able to decide whether it is a value for money product or not.

 The boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker is a beautiful looking speaker with bass radiators and RGB light emitters that manages to look very premium & cool at the same time. The sound quality is good, and the bass is enough for the price that you are paying.

So, to understand every big and small feature in detail, let’s start this in-depth boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker review now…

Specifications of boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specifications

  • Power Output – 14 watts
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz-20KHz
  • Configuration – 2 front firing speakers
  • Driver Size – 76mm x 2
  • Sensitivity – 75dB±3DB
  • Playback time – 9 hours
  • Charging time – 4 hours
  • Bluetooth – v5.0 with 10m range
  • IPX rating – IPX7
  • Button – On/off button, Menu button, Volume up/down button, Play /pause button, TWS button, Voice assistant button
  • Other features – USB Slot, AUX Input, Built-in FM, RGB lights, Call Function, Built-in mic, voice assistant

Is ‘boAt’ a good company for earphones?

Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited, which does business as boAt, is an Indian consumer electronics brand started in 2013. The company mainly deals in audio-focused products like earphones, headphones, travel chargers, and cables.

In recent few years, this brand became very popular by launching new products with top-notch quality. Today this company achieved an outstanding level of brand trust among people and has a loyal customer base.

about boat

In-box content

  1. User Manual
  2. Shoulder Strap
  3. Warranty Card
  4. Stone 1200
  5. Aux Cable
  6. Type-c Charging Cable

Detailed feature review of boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker review

Built quality

boAT stone 1200 comes with a robust plastic body with a fabric net covering. It has a panel of soft premium quality rubber, which contains all the essential ports & buttons. Also, a rubber stand at the bottom provides a stable base when put on any surface.

There are also two buckles to attach a shoulder strap so that you can easily carry it around as the weight is slightly on the higher side. A shoulder strap also comes in handy while hiking and expeditions.

The overall build quality is excellent, and you can use it without any worry.

The sound quality of boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker with 14W front-firing speakers. It has two speakers on either side of the middle panel.

boAt Stone 1200 comes equipped with two bass radiators on either side of the speaker. These radiators are made of soft silicone, which helps to improve the speaker’s bass quality.

So, finally, the main aspects that make the quality: here is our view on it

  1. Loudness – The speakers are loud & good enough for use in an outdoor environment. The output power of 14W serves the purpose does a decent job.
  2. Sound clarity – The speakers don’t give any distortion at volume up to 70 per cent, but the higher level of sound can make it a little bit cranky. But all the speakers in this price range generally have this problem.  Other than that, the overall vocal quality is good.
  3. Bass quality – The speakers’ bass has great deepness & thump, which is very good for this price point. It is not extraordinary, but it is enough.

cyborg wisdomCyborg Tip:

To get the best bass output from these speakers, you need to keep the volume around 70 per cent. In any speaker, for that matter, when there is no separate control for bass, one can feel it at its best in lower volume levels.

Driver size of boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

boAT stone 1200 comes with two 76mm drivers. This driver size is enough for this sort of configuration. 76mm driver provides premium quality of sound. Yes, this driver has the potential of performing better than what we get in boat 1200. The performance of the driver is slightly under-optimized.

Microphone quality

These types of speakers are not made for calling purposes. And most probably, you are also not going to use it regularly for calling. It might come in handy sometimes for small talk but not for more. The microphone’s primary purpose in these speakers is for voice commands through Google & Siri, in which the quality doesn’t matter.

All the above is said to make you understand that the microphone standard is shallow in such kind of speaker. So, keeping that in mind, the microphone quality is reasonable when compared to similar products. But if compared with premium earbuds or mobile microphones, the quality is far behind in this segment.

Comfort & looks

The looks are one of the main highlights of the boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker. It comes with an RGB light on both sides around the bass radiator. So, When you play the music with RGB on, the bass radiator vibrates with the music’s beats & a ring of colourful lights glow around it, which looks fantastic.

The overall round cylindrical design gives it a premium feel & the fabric net is an additional enhancement to the look.

The comfort to carry issue is there if you are looking for a lightweight speaker. But considering the features, this weight is reasonable.

boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker radiator

Battery life

Boat stone 1200 has a 3600mAh battery, giving a battery life of 9 hours of playback time without the lights & a 7 hour of playback with RGB lights turned ON. This playback time will differ based on your sound level & the types of music you are playing.

On average, the battery will last for 2-days with light to moderate usage.

Other than that, there is also a remarkable feature, where you can use this device as a power bank. It provides the facility to charge other devices using the USB port available in the speakers.

boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker comes with c-type charging, and it takes up to 4 hours to charge completely.

IPX7water & dust resistance

boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker has an IPX7 rating, and it implies that you don’t have to worry about water in this speaker. IPX7 gives you the freedom to use the speaker near swimming pools, beaches & if you like you can use it in your bathroom. The speakers will continue working fine even when it is entirely wet or accidentally dropped in the water.

It is one of the best water-protection ratings you can find in the speakers in this price range.


Boat stone 1200 has various options for playing music. The primary & preferable mode of input is Bluetooth v5.0, with a connectivity range of 10 meters. Other than that, you use AUX and USB for connecting devices to play the music. It also has TWS feature & FM.

If you want another option with similar feature but with a much lower price you can also check out

Zebronics Sound Feast 50 Speaker– A mighty Beast

Additional Features


TWS here is a feature used to connect another boat stone 1200 on the same input channel. It gives you the liberty to play the music at a much louder level of sound. It is a handy feature to use at small parties if you don’t want to have those big bulky sound systems.

Voice assistance

It comes with a single tap voice assistance. The default assistance can be easily activated just by pressing a single button on the speaker. It is fully compatible with google assistance, Siri, Alexa.

Controls of boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Power button – Long press the Power button for 3 seconds to power on/ off the speaker.
  2. Play/pause button – play & pause the music.
  3. Play/pause button – Short press to button to receive incoming calls.
  4. Play/pause button – Long press the Play/Pause button for rejecting incoming calls.
  5. Voice assistance button – tap to activate the voice assistant.
  6. Mode button – tap to change between Bluetooth mode, FM mode, USB mode, or AUX mode.
  7. Mode button – long press to activate/ deactivate RGB mode.
  8. Volume rocker – Control the volume level and FM mode channel control.

Why you should buy ?

  • Looks & Build quality
  • Good bass
  • IPX7 water-resistant
  • TWS compatible
  • In-built FM radio

Why you shouldn’t ?

  • A bit heavier
  • Average Microphone quality
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Buy for : Cool Looks & excellent sound Quality

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good branded Bluetooth speaker within budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy a JBL, boAt Stone 1200 is the best option for you. So, if you decide to buy the boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker, you will get a reputed brand with top-notch quality, Looks & build quality.

Overall, the boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker is a value for money product you can buy without hesitation.

boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

  • Cylindrical Portable Design
  • IPX7 marked water & splash resistance
  • 14W RMS Output
  • TWS feature & RGB LEDs
  • Playback time of up to 9 hours w/o RGB LEDs and 7 hours w/ RGB LEDs.
  • Battery Notification in Phone
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