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Jio Mart: Effect on e-commerce market

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One of India’s most renowned firm Reliance industries is now starting a new venture “Jio Mart” to re-define the e-commerce scenario here. Reliance is on its way to monetize and use popular Facebook owned messaging app “whatsapp” as a tool to deliver the products to your doorstep. Since, nowadays whatsapp become an essential messaging tool to communicate with each other. So, just imagine using whatsapp for the purpose of shopping & getting groceries delivered form the local store to you, just by sending a message.

With this new collaboration between Facebook & Reliance jio mart, they are ready to use whatsapp as an e-commerce tool. Facebook & Reliance mart hopes that whatsapp will surely became a medium to connect local and small businesses to the consumers. And it must because Facebook is willing to invest a whooping sum of 45000 crore Indian rupees into this venture.

Using whatsapp to connect seller & consumer is very big leap forward. All the 400 million users of whatsapp in India will eventually become a part this enterprise. This will result in all party profit as consumer will get goods just by messaging. And at the same time, the seller will be able to increase their profit by connecting with this large number of consumers.

What will be the impact of “FACEBOOK & JIOMART WEBSITE collab” on big grocery delivery players like GROFERS & BIG-BASKET?

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With the success of this venture, Reliance is going to become a threat to all those companies which are in e-commerce business. As with the introduction of whatsapp in this e-commerce scenario, reliance will make shopping much more convenient and faster than its competitors.

Companies like GROFERS, WALLMART & even giant players like AMAZON & FLIPKART may lose a substantial amount of customers. This partnership of Facebook & Reliance mart can create a very high competition in the effectiveness & efficiency of existing e-commerce services.

Form consumers point of view, it will become much convenient to get product through whatsapp. As it is much easier to place order and delivery will be also much faster.

Perfect Jiomart launch timing !

Reliance has also utilized a situation like lock down due to COVID-19 epidemic to launch its venture. Because in such difficult times, all its competitors are facing difficulties to provide their services due to limited manpower & supply chain restrictions. Meanwhile, Reliance mart has started building the structure for it. They also started testing this area-specific model in Maharashtra and analyzing its effectiveness in market. They are currently beta testing Jio mart in Mumbai, thane & kalyan areas of Maharashtra.

Reliance is showing that even in situation like this, their model of service is an effective way to deliver commodities. Even when essential transportation and supply chain modules are hampered heavily due to lockdown, they can manage because of their area centric model. On the other hand, the customer will also never have to worry about getting things delivered.

Other than the business aspect of this, reliance has put an example that when there is will, there is always a way. Reliance with this venture at current is helping India to provide essential services.

This initiative taken by reliance has become more commendable because of current pandemic. Corona virus has affected the whole world and economy of India is highly affected by it. An Indian introducing such an approach will help the country to recover from the economic crisis.

What actually is jio mart?

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Jio mart is a platform created by reliance digital with the collaboration of Facebook. Jio mart is online to offline business platform which connect consumer to local seller.

How the product is delivered through jio mart?

Jio mart is also like other e-commerce platforms, but only difference is that it deliver the product by connecting with the local is just like you have to message the goods list you want and the jio mart will connect you to the nearest local retail shop. The shop will take your order and then it will be delivered to you through jio mart local supply chain.

How to order grocery on jio-mart?

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  • Add the jio-mart no. – 8850008000 to your whatsapp contacts.
  • Send ‘hi’ as a whatsapp message to this number.
  • You will receive a link of relevant jio-mart page valid for 30 minutes.
  • Once you fill up your details, it will give you the current grocery list available for your area.
  • Now, you can place your order and get it delivered in no time at your doorstep.
buy now,

Jiomart launch offer:

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Currently jio mart hasn’t rolled out their official app. But they are giving a great Pre-register to save upto ₹ 3000 at launch.

You can pre-register here by clicking on this link…

How you can sell your products on jio-mart?

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If you fulfill these criteria’s, you can apply to get a distributor license for jio-mart :

  • You should already own a distributor network & should already been working in this area for a long time.
  • You need to have a proper and sufficient infrastructure already built.
  •  A good relationships with retailers is a;ways preferred.

If you qualify for all the things mentioned above, you can apply here,

Once after submitting the application, jio-mart local sales team will give the final decision, once the services get started the respective area.

What are the advantages of jio mart over other pre-existing grocery delivery apps?

There are actually a few Benefits of ordering through jio-mart already. It includes:

  • Free home Delivery, no minimum cart value
  • No questions asked returns policy
  • Express delivery
  • 50,000+ products.

Except this, it will encourage small businesses to go online and to be a part of digital India. Even after being a big online marketplace, it will give out employment to local people rather than taking it away from them.

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