Apple iPad 7th generation review & specs

Apple launched its iPad 7th generation in September 2019. Although, this year in 2020, Apple has already released its successor iPad 8th gen. Still, Due to limited availability & price point of view, the older Apple iPad 7th gen remains more relevant than the latest launch.

The brand name of apple does not need any introduction in the world of electronics. Certain groups of people always remained skeptical about usability & value for money about Apple products, especially iPhones. Still, in our opinion, the iPads of Apple are much better options than its competitors. These beautiful pieces of electronics possess state of art display, UI, and security features.

Most suitable for creative work, Apple iPad is also a great entertainment companion.

apple ipad 10.2

Apple iPad 7th  generation Specs Highlights

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1. 10.2-inch retina display

ipad 7th generation retina display

Retina display is the IPS-led or OLED display branding that has high pixel density used by apple. In simpler words, it is one logical pixel = four physical pixels at the very beginning. This equation’s advantage is that the CPU “sees” a small portion of the data and calculates each element’s relative positions. The GPU renders these elements with high-quality assets to make the output much sharper and more precise. The goal of Retina displays is to make the text and images being displayed extremely crisp.

Apple iPad 7th generation comes equipped with a 10.2-inch display.

2. A10 Fusion chip

A10 Fusion is an average level processer that comes with Apple devices. Still, the A10 Fusion chip can handle all general usage tasks without any problem or lag. Further, Apple iPad 7th generation has a smooth transition when watching videos, browsing the internet & even doing some basic graphic design. It is capable of multitasking without any problems. The limitation comes when you use it for heavy Graphic gaming & tasks that require very high CPU usage.

3. Camera

ipad 7th generation camera

Apple iPad 7th generation comes equipped with an 8-megapixel camera back camera & a 1.2-megapixel front camera.

 The rear camera is considerably good for photos and videos. This iPad can record HD videos, slow-mo & even time-lapse with excellent efficiency. Moreover, It also comes equipped with video stabilization. However, the front camera is quite average in terms of quality. It is just ok for general usage like making video calls and attending online meetings.

4. Sound

ipad 7th generation speakers

Apple iPad 7th generation comes fitted with stereo speakers.

It has two speakers, which are placed on the bottom side of the device. The audio quality of these speakers is excellent. The bass is right, even though it lacks a bit of depth. However, for typical usages like watching videos & listening to some audio, it is enough.

5. Battery life

battery life

iPad 7th generation claims a battery life of 10 hours with a low to medium usage of surfing the web, watching videos & doing some official work. Overall, battery life is good, considering the high quality of retina display.

Apple supplies a 5W charger with the iPad, which takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge the device.

6. Body

It is a part where Apple stands out due to its commitment to quality. Using premium quality materials is something that differs Apple from others.

The Apple iPad 7th generation is made by using 100 percent recycled aluminum. A shell of aluminum & glass on top gives a premium look to the iPad.

Further, everything comes together to match the traditional look of an iPad. Using aluminum in the body increases the durability of the iPad. At the same time, light-weighted aluminum decreases the overall weight.

7. iPad OS

The operating system of Apple devices is continuously evolving from the time when it was created first. Over time it has become more user-friendly and integrated a lot more of AI.

The OS used in Apple iPad 7th generation is the latest one designed explicitly for iPad by Apple. This ‘iOS-13’ comes with more features a lot better UX.

Multitasking is also improved in the latest iOS-13 with features like slide over and split view, making it possible to use multiple applications simultaneously.

ipad 7th generation os

A sidecar features in iPad OS enables the iPad to act as a second screen with macOS. It is a beneficial tool for any designer to use an iPad with an Apple pencil to quickly draw in photoshop.

But, in the end, it is worth noting that the Indian version of the new iOS-13 seems to a bit unstable while using. It might be because of some bugs in the software that Apple will address in future updates.

8. Additional features of Apple iPad 7th generation :

  1. It comes with Apple’s signature round button in front, which also has a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device securely.
  2. Apple iPad 7th generation does support apple pencil. People who want to use it for creative works like graphics design & like to make handwritten notes will surely love to have this accessory.
  3. Apple iPad 7th generation also supports a smart keyboard. You can easily convert any Tab into a basic laptop by using this accessory. A keyboard comes in very handy while editing any document or writing long e-mails. In a way, it eliminates the requirement of a laptop for every light work every now & then.
  4. You will be able to play AR games on this tablet.

AR games are the type of games that use the real world objects & your surroundings to create the game environment. These are the new generation of games which are much more engaging for the players.

5-points you should know before buying an Apple iPad 7th generation :

  1. Although it supports the Apple pencil, the sale package doesn’t include it. You will have to buy it separately, which is going to cost you around 8000 INR.
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Cyborg suggests:

Instead of investing a hefty 8000 in buying a first-generation Apple pencil, you can opt for a similar product from a different brand. Alternatives like ‘Logitech Crayon’ can be a good option that does the work without burning a hole in your pocket.

Although you do a lot more creative Design & sketching, you should better go for an Apple pencil to get access to all the iPad features. 

  • The Apple iPad 7th generation does support pen drives & external HD via dongle.
  • The base version of the Apple iPad 7th generation does not have a cellular calling feature. Although, you can easily do voice & video calls through wifi by using the inbuilt software and 3rd party applications like skype, etc..
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Cyborg suggests:

Even though a cellular feature might seem like a lucrative one, it’s not worth the extra money to invest in our opinion. If you need to make a call, you can always do it through your smartphone. Similarly, the internet on the go can also be accessed through a mobile hotspot, assuming we always have our phones handy with us.

So, it’s better to opt for the Wifi-only version and invest the money in more useful accessories that can make a difference in ease of use.

  • Apple iPad 7th generation has 64/128 GB of internal memory, but it does not have a memory card slot. But, tablets are supposed to be like that; Light and clutter-free. Besides that, you always have the option to save your data online on i-cloud, which provides much better security and accessibility for your files. Also, high-quality inbuilt memory is fast enough to give you lag-free smooth user experience.
  • Apple also promises that it will continue providing software updates in this model for 3-years from the date of launch.

Final-Verdict :

Apple is a love it or hate it kind of product. If you want to buy an iPad, you should buy it. That’s it, period. The display quality, user interface & security features remain unmatched until today. You are going to get something that you won’t find somewhere else. All you need to do is consider the options and accessories wisely as per your needs, and voila! You got the perfect Apple device for yourself.

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