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Boycott Chinese products: Chinese products & their alternatives

China always held an expansionist nature about its territory. But, with the new Nationalist government in India, the Rivalry between the nations has reached limits. With increasing tensions, the Indian govt is taking a few steps. Diplomatically as well as socio-economically to counter the Chinese. Boycott Chinese products is one such major step.

Make in India campaign is getting popular, and people started to boycott Chinese products and since the govt. Officially banned about 224 Chinese apps, the movement has gained more popularity than ever.

Here, we are trying to put a list of the most commonly used Chinese Domestic items and their alternatives. We tried to keep an open mind about features. Still, We maintained a strong eye for reliability, user experience, and built quality. In our research, we find out that though Chinese items are cheaper in terms of their initial cost. Still, in long term use, they seem to be far inferior to competitors from other brands.

It is good that , according to a survey 87% Indians willing to boycott Chinese products for a year.

We also tried to find good Indian alternatives of the product, which are as par with the Chinese if not better in terms of features and UX.


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