Aarogya Setu app: safe or not?

Government of India has launched an app named “Aarogya setu” to control the spread of corona virus in India. It is implied as one of the many proactive approaches taken by the Government of India.

There are a lot of discussions going in the circuits that this Aarogya setu mobile app may not be that safe for the privacy of individuals who have downloaded it from Google play store/app store.   

But as we investigate about the matter, we get a realization that most of the allegations are only myths.Only a group of some ignorant people are responsible for propagating such wrong information. And,for starters let us tell you that, Aarogya setu app share or store your basic information only. It does store your name, phone number, age, sex, profession & countries visited in last 30 days.

There may be a lot of other apps in your mobile device which stores a lot more personal information. And, you have given them that permission yourself, without even thinking once.

So, with all the respect, we request you not to get misguided by any misinformation out there. And please read the article without any prejudice and with an open mind.

What is Aarogya setu app?

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Government of India has developed Aarogya setu app in consent to fight corona (Covid-19). It is a mobile application which uses your GPS location & Bluetooth to keep you alert on corona.

How does it work?

Aarogya setu app mainly works on a large database created by the information collected within this app. When you install this app on your mobile it asks you about your medical condition on corona. Just like this all the users of aarogya setu app give their information. The information collected in this manner is stored in the database.

When you allow aarogya setu app to assess the Bluetooth & GPS of your device it alerts you about if any corona positive patience is near you. This app does it by connecting with the other aarogya setu app devices which are active nearby.

How does aarogya setu use Bluetooth to give alert?

Any two Bluetooth devices use Bluetooth technology to set a close range proximity connection between them. So, when two persons come close under 10 feet proximity(usual Bluetooth range), information is shared between the apps. And,then you get an alert on the basis of this shared information.

Except this, GPS is also used to track your location which is further utilized to record your travel history.

When information from Bluetooth & GPS is combined together. It helps in creating database for the hotspot of corona virus or cluster of corona in a locality.

For example:

Consider a situation, when you have aarogya setu app active in your device & another person have the same. Then, if the other person has provided the right information about his/her current health conditions in perspective of corona virus you will get an alert about the risk you are in. Because, one among you two have not followed the rules of social distancing correctly.

Aarogya setu can also help in contact tracing of the person with the help of its GPS database.

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Never solely depend on this app. Aarogya setu app is only effective when a corona positive person has installed this app and given correct information.

If a person is corona positive & he/she have not installed this app. Then you will not get any alert when they are nearby you.

So, now the big question “Is the information you shared is safe?”

A server stores all the information given by you within an unique digital id. And, when two of these apps comes in close proximity, then only this information is shared.

All your information is encrypted and secure in a server operated by government of India. So, it is very much safe to use in our opinion. There may be some concern regarding its privacy policy. But if government of largest democracy is managing its servers, you need to have some faith as a citizen and can consider it safe.

Other than the information shared in this app, if you are worried regarding any other security issue, then it is useless and can be baseless as well.

A Bluetooth connection & GPS access can never compromise the overall security of your device. As they don’t have the ability to exchange that much of information over the network created.

The app asks a definite set of questions for the purpose of Self-assessment. It helps to know about you current risk of being corona positive. This app also uses color coding. Your data will be uploaded to the server only if after assessment result comes in yellow. Otherwise, you DID data will remain in your own device.

What should I do?

Aarogya setu app is a way by which you can also contribute in stopping the corona-spread. So, you should install the app & provide the right information. Then after keep it active at least when you are out for essential services.

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Follow all the guideline given in concern with corona virus (covid-19) & Stay alert.

What does Aarogya setu app do?

aarogya setu app,corona virus,corona,covid-19,app for corona virus,India fights corona
  • It keeps you informed about any corona positive person nearby you.
  • In case of any alert of a corona positive person it will guide & support you in handling it & be safe.
  • It also keeps you updated with the latest corona cases, state-wise and across the country.
  • It also has some you tube videos to give you information about corona.
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